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Elevate your Real Estate Success with Salesforce CRM

Unleash the potential of your Real Estate business with the dynamic synergy of Aphidas and Salesforce – your ultimate solution for streamlined operations and enhanced customer experiences to help you close more deals than ever before.

Introducing Our Salesforce-Based Real Estate Solution:

1. End-to-end sales platform for developers and brokers.
2. Lead capture from various channels, nurturing, and qualification.
3. Seamless property showcase with captivating pictures.
4. Streamlined digital reservations with e-signature.

5. Effortless one-click sales closing and opportunity management.

6. Simplified document management for SPA and other PDFs.

7. Off-plan property tracking and payments management.

8. Bird’s eye view dashboard for sales, management, and clevel.

9. Efficient multi-project management capability.

10. Facilitation module for seamless leasing processes.

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