Corporate Business Services (CBS)
Leveraging Salesforce for Global Success
Aphidas Case Study

Client Overview:
Corporate Business Services (CBS), established in 2007 and headquartered in Dubai, UAE, is a leading business consultancy firm and a proud member of The Corporate Group (TCG). Specializing in Business Setup and Consultancy Services, CBS operates strategically with branch offices in Saudi Arabia and Oman, extending its expertise across the Gulf. With a global footprint, CBS has representative offices in the UK, Romania, Sweden, Russia, Italy, and Lithuania. Committed to values of Growth, Integrity, Innovation, and Empowerment, CBS maintains the highest service standards as an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.


Aphidas, as a strategic partner to CBS, addressed the diverse challenges faced by the business

consultancy firm through innovative Salesforce solutions.

 Diverse Regional Compliance:
Navigating diverse regulatory frameworks across Gulf countries and international locations
requires a comprehensive system to ensure seamless compliance.

 Global Coordination and Communication:
Managing operations and fostering effective communication across global offices demands a
centralized platform to streamline collaboration and information exchange.

 Technology Integration Across Locations:
Ensuring seamless integration of technology solutions across diverse locations becomes
imperative for CBS to maintain operational efficiency and standardized services.

 Client Onboarding Efficiency:
Streamlining the client onboarding process to accommodate the specific requirements of
different regions while maintaining efficiency is a critical challenge for CBS.

 Talent Management and Recruitment:
Attracting, managing, and retaining skilled professionals in different global locations pose
challenges, considering the diverse talent markets and cultural contexts.

 Adapting to Global Market Dynamics:
Staying abreast of and adapting to dynamic global market trends and economic changes requires 
continuous strategic analysis and a proactive approach.

 Salesforce Compliance Solution:

CBS leveraged Salesforce to implement a comprehensive Compliance Solution, seamlessly
navigating diverse regulatory landscapes. The platform's automated compliance monitoring
ensures real-time updates on regulatory changes across regions, enabling CBS to maintain
compliance effortlessly.

 Salesforce Collaboration Hub:
Utilizing Salesforce capabilities, CBS established a centralized Collaboration Hub. This solution
facilitated real-time communication, file sharing, and collaborative efforts among global offices,
significantly enhancing coordination and information exchange.

 Salesforce Integration Strategy:
The adoption of Salesforce for Integration allowed CBS to establish a centralized technology hub.
This streamlined integration across all locations, fostering operational efficiency and maintaining
a standardized approach to service delivery.

 Salesforce Onboarding Automation:
CBS implemented Salesforce Onboarding Automation to streamline client onboarding processes.
This customization allowed CBS to create efficient workflows tailored to regional requirements,
ensuring a seamless and client-satisfying onboarding experience.

 Salesforce Talent Management System:
Leveraging Salesforce Talent Management, CBS successfully attracted, managed, and retained
skilled professionals. The system facilitated region-specific recruitment approaches and cultural
adaptation programs, contributing to the formation of a diverse and high-performing team.

 Salesforce Analytics and Insights:
CBS implemented Salesforce Analytics to monitor global market dynamics. This solution
provided real-time insights, empowering CBS with a proactive approach to strategic analysis and
adaptation to changing economic landscapes. The platform facilitated well-informed decision-
making based on dynamic market trends.


Leading Salesforce Partner in Dubai, UAE since 2010:

CBS leveraged Salesforce to