Industry Experts


Grow the high performance law practice you’ve always
dreamed of. Whether large or small, law practices have
plenty of room to grow, and now is the time to do it.
With powerful Case Management best practice firms
scale faster, deliver higher value for clients at lower
costs, and maximize profitability.


Deliver the personalized engagements, proactive
advice, and connected experiences students expect 
the moment they express interest in your campus.

Business & Services

Put all your customer information in one place, that
anyone can access from anywhere. No more
spreadsheets, searching through emails, or trying to find
a sticky note. That’s the power of CRM.With all of your customer information in one place, you
have the visibility you need to anticipate issues 


Get a complete view of customers across all channels
to improve cross-sell and upsell while generating more
leads360-degree views to help customers plan their next

Oil and Gas

Maintain operational imperatives with intelligent field
service. Improve first-visit resolution and onsite job
management using the mobile solution that delivers
real-time collaboration with access to job schedules,
part inventory, knowledge articles, and more — with or
without the internet.

Health Care

Aphidas along with Salesforce helps you connect with
our customers, and provide a much better patient
experience. Whether you are: HOSPITALS,PHARMACIES

Travel (b2b n b2c)

New breeds of travelers with heightened expectations
are poised to disrupt the future of travel. To succeed,
brands will need to offer seamless experiences, tailored
to individual travelers before, during, and after the trip

Finance (forex and funds)

Many businesses that are just starting out will be costconscious when it comes to having best practice systems. Their goal is to maximize ROI any way possible, and one way includes finding a worlds no 1 CRM with a partners who already know what you need,


Make the path-to-purchase more personal than ever
before by delivering the right offer, at the right time in the right channel. Connect commerce across digital and physical channels for shopping experiences your
customers will love

Real Estate

The most successful real estate agents areapproximately two-times as likely to adopt CRM andlead management solutions when compared to their less-successful peers.
CRM has proven itself to be an invaluable tool in many business arenas the world over