Individual scholar instructional give, mortgage, and you may grant circumstances documents, california

Individual scholar instructional give, mortgage, and you may grant circumstances documents, california

Aerial Photos (131 points, into the Fort Worthy of): Indian countries in the Oklahoma understood for the testing records since the acceptable for irrigation, california. 1964. Pick Including .

Apps and other facts regarding house assignments, 1948-55

Textual Information (into the Denver): System management files, 1949-66. Allotment appraisals in accordance with irrigation projects to your tribal places, 1956-69.Homes rent and enable situation records, 1947-69. Miscellaneous degree and you can studies toward Crow Creek, Cheyenne Lake, Fort Totten, Straight down Brule, Pierre, and you will Oak Ridge businesses, 1947-70. Communications based on land functions, 1965-70. Ideas based on tribal countries, 1940-71. Coal and oil rentals to have Blackfeet, Base. Belknap, Crow, and you will Ft. Peck bookings, 1963-72. Homes questionnaire data, 1961-69. Details based on irrigation and you may reclamation programs towards Indian places, 1907-69. Suggestions relating to irrigation and you will forestry applications, 1946-70. Pictures and you may technical study concerning the Wind River Irrigation Opportunity, 1961-63. Oils, energy, and coal leases, 1957-69. Gas and oil rentals on the Piece of cake Lake and you will Blackfeet bookings, 1951-64. Details per timber transformation, 1944-sixty. Timber administration agreements, 1945-70. Information per timber cutting and forestry applications, 1958-69. Federal offer beginner folders, 1958-71. Ideas per accounting and you may government, 1913-80. Program subject documents, 1931-64. Allotment ledgers and you may records, 1916-62. Yearly story profile, 1959-61. Topic documents of one’s solicitor, 1913-54. Attorneys and expert witness deals, 1942-62. Information based on collection and you will disbursement schedules, 1950-65. Main decimal data, 1936- 57. Info regarding the structure plans, 1912-65. Buildings and utilities questionnaire documents, 1968. Price data, 1958. A position guidance situation data, accounts, and you can bookkeeping information, 1955-71. House purchase and you will disposal details, also ideas per payment patents and you may transformation, 1962. Loans topic records, 1925-64. Information concerning the Flathead Company, 1906-66, including the Flathead Irrigation Project. Records in accordance with forestry and you may variety administration, 1931- sixty, along with forestry and you may assortment management topic records, grazing topic files, and you may grazing it allows. Personal Indian money (IIM) membership ledgers, 1961-68. IIM posting and you can control info, 1971. Passed down focus card records, 1959-61. Info relating to irrigation, 1885-1961, and quantitative records, reports, and you can venture records. Suggestions of Belongings Operations Branch, 1919-70. Diary discount data, 1917-52. Missouri Lake Basin Analysis (MRBI) information, 1946- 66. Coal and oil lease documents, 1946-67. For every single capita records, 1957- 67. Floor preservation subject documents, 1934-68. Tribal surgery topic data files, 1941-59. Tribal attorney contracts, 1955-74. Interests subject data files, 1939-62.Pupil federal give case records, 1957-71. College census records and you will facts according to tribal youngsters academic and you may recreation apps, 1965-69.

Textual Suggestions (within the La): Gas and oil renting, 1951-76. Home lease circumstances data, 1953-87. Screen Rock the police cases, 1967 and you can 1969. Tuba diversity surveys, 1934-67. Tuba committee group meetings, 1965-79. Textual Info (when you look at the Denver): Tribal and you may private Indian money ledgers, 1918-62. Telecommunications in accordance with irrigation programs or other company things, 1932-sixty. Personal Indian money, Irrigation Section, and you can standard tribal bookkeeping records, 1956-63. Copies out of checks, balance and you can audit data files and you will deceased private accounts, 1946-68. Individual efforts away from attorneys, 1949-65. Closed estate membership circumstances data, 1965-67. Details according to variety and you can livestock, 1949-61. Ground and wetness handle profile, 1952-63. Details based on road construction agreements, 1959-64. A career guidelines accounts, 1952-63. Vocational degree and you can moving records, 1958-64. Informative guidelines data files, 1956-69. E-books of your Branch off Training, 1959-64.

Records relating to highway framework, 1932-68

Textual Details (into the Anchorage): General subject communication, 1933-63. Objective interaction, ca. 1935-47, 1956-68. A career advice system administrative ideas, 1957-71, and case documents, 1957-69. Personal works files, 1952-63. Training telecommunications, 1912-77, and you will system quantitative documents, 1936-68. Mature knowledge files, 1956-60. BIA university hit, 1958-70. 1951-61. Property heirship instance records, 1948-64. Personal Indian money (IIM) situation documents, 1946-76. Societal training management decimal files, 1935-68, and you may purpose communications, 1964-69. Interests instance files, california. 1931-63. Microfilm duplicate regarding ideas of the Br sted enterprise according to governmental growth of Native teams about Snowy slope region of Alaska, 1933-71 (5 goes). Budget and bookkeeping ideas, 1916-74, and IIM ledger sheets, 1942-74, and you will range promo codes, 1961-74. Local shop info, 1939-64, along with personal Indian membership (IIA) general ledger manage, 1949-51; IIA repaid invoices, 1941-49; and you will Indigenous shop accounts, 1962-64. Real estate accounts, 1955-68. Tlingit-Haida tribal enrollments, and beginning, matrimony, and you may dying details, 1890’s-1976 (vast majority 1890’s-1972). Village census goes, 1913, 1934- 66. Goodnews Bay Date School pupil files, 1951-62, and college or university reports, 1958-70, 1973-77. Information regarding Install Edgecumbe Boarding School, 1941-83, also yearbooks, college or university census directory notes, individual college student case data, directives, interaction, and you can accounts. Records off Wrangell Institute, composed of beginner folders, california. 1932-75. Standard and you may allocation ledgers of one’s Alaska Department of the Juneau, AK, workplace of your own Bureau away from Training, 1928-31. Ideas of your own Seattle, WA, work environment of one’s Bureau out of Degree, Alaska Division, in addition to an enthusiastic appropriation ledger, 1917-24, and you will cashbook and you can ledgers of the Hydaburg, AK, Trade Co., 1915-twenty-five. A career advice case records of Ketchikan place of work, 1959-70, as well as the Kotzebue office, 1968-73.

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