And undoubtedly, possibly most controversially now, try gender, sex, sex, we are able to actually bring a talk about pre

And undoubtedly, possibly most controversially now, try gender, sex, sex, we are able to actually bring a talk about pre

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outside of the strengthening globe terms and conditions Skip Wheeler Manor Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi go so you’re able to settings during the Nam hamdulillah Edie the subdomain. Needs brothers to prepare Malik and Morocco but to consult with

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hamdulillah always and we’ll start by praising and you can thanking Allah, Allah to Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, we testify and stay experience ones unworthy out of worship in addition to Allah subhanaw taala. And we upload the enjoying greetings salutations, regardless of where they , to help you spice up all your family members to help you his friends and all those individuals who follow his sunnah up until the avoid of energy. Allah bless me to live living regarding almost Mohamed Salah Lemonis lifetime and enter their companionship from the point in time. At the same time, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, i continue with youth few days. Very the other day first started material about new youthfulness. And then we requested our young people and you may decide if you happen to be an early on person

in order to email, any kind of information you want chatted about a Joomla. And extremely, they’ll lay the latest agenda. And one of your subject areas having I been inundated that have, and you will I have few people have went along to me in the last few weeks, is the dilemma of homosexuality, the newest LGBTQI path, transgender path. And so this will be problems we must discuss. And it is a very delicate, delicate question. Thereby i ask Allah for information and weekend it is done not to upset and damage people, rather than so you can discriminate facing someone, however, to go over since Muslims, how do we know it? How do we occur within the a scene where you will find friends and you can residents that would enjoys a new persuasion than you Just what are

Islam its position, and we must explore which. If you are not this isn’t talked about on the masjid. We are i getting our advice out of and thus inshallah we are going to query Allah to possess suggestions and recommendations, it will take a couple of weeks or three to go from the particular issue. And it is one of these conditions that was at the brand new forefront off whatever you know very well what the audience is against with currently. Just before I have on specifics of of sex and you can sexuality, sexual direction and you can sex, exactly what it way to become one just what it way to be a woman, I inquired me personally, What makes this subject so very hard to talk about? If i offered good guide towards adultery, cheat in your wife, no drama as much as it, actually I am able to state it’s crappy

and it’s really incorrect and we also cannot take action. And you see, indeed there wouldn’t be people concerns. If we give a subject toward hammer was haram, we should not drink hammer medication try bad belief. But particular subjects after you mention they, this new hijab, such as, it gets questionable.

The newest role one to a woman and her spouse performs it will become questionable. Not one person has a problem Your some body believe it is haram, the rest of the business state it’s ok. Nevertheless have your designs, you will find our designs, and we also move ahead. But this dilemma are a conflict of several additional modalities, one or two some other ethics. And thus as the Muslims, we are learned, and then we are educated a certain number of beliefs, a couple of do’s and don’ts within our house. And if we wade external it a new form of place away from Ethics and Rules might have been preached another type of group of

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