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We’re Your Partner

Aphidas has made its strategic partnership with Salesforce.com, worldwide leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Salesforce.com delivers integrated, completely customizable enterprise applications for companies of all sizes, and it can be up and running in weeks or days—not the months or years required by traditional client/server CRM software.

SalesForce Automation

Supply the members of your sales team with the tools to make their jobs easier. Increase insight into the sales pipeline for the sales reps, their managers and your company executives through a proven on-demand platform.

Business Process Automation

Customize your Salesforce.com implementations to include workflows applicable to your company. Capture your unique processes and procedures within your solution to reduce time-consuming manual practices and increase user adoption.


Synchronize your solution data with existing systems to eliminate double entry and take advantage of the new, improved information. Display data from internal systems on records in Salesforce.com. Bring back data from Salesforce.com to complement information captured in internal applications.

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