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Fundamental transformation is underway in how people work and interact with organisations. Whether in the public, private or non-profit sector, stakeholders and consumers are seeking new mediums of interaction. Mobile devices such as smartphones are among the key mediums experiencing rapid growth at present. Consequently, more and more organisations are leveraging mobile solutions to accelerate their businesses, become more competitive and cost efficient.

Market penetration of smart phones (mobile phones offering advanced capabilities and applications) is growing rapidly. Their growth is demand led with citizens, consumers, and stakeholders demanding the ability to access information, communicate and collaborate or carry out secure transactions while on the move. Organisations in business or public service need to connect with their stakeholders enabling mobile engagement with them.

Mobile Applications and Web provide a unique opportunity to enterprises to monetize mobile technology by offering new and differentiated services that allows them to tap into new business segments and open new revenue streams.

Based on this vision, we have focused our efforts to power mobile applications that allow our customers to monetize the mobile market with rich device-based mobile application solutions delivering the best possible user experience while securing the most sensitive customer data.

Our device-based applications provide the most robust and superior user interface technology available in the market today, delivering information in an intelligent manner with unmatched security and optimized data access.

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