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Aura MRP system streamlines the complete manufacturing processes, saving time and
money. From basic Inventory and BOM needs, Aura MRP offers functionality for a scalable
solution for wide variety products.

Most manufacturing problems would be a lot easier to solve if we could foresee the
future processes.    Aura MRP will enable you to plan for the future and you’ll be able to
meet market demand and address your company’s production plan in a systematic way.
With Aura MRP, you produce a Master Production Schedule to plan the manufacturing of
finished goods in order to meet the expected demand from your sales forecasts. Next,
you use MRP functionality to determine the raw materials you need and when you need
to purchase them in order to fulfill the production goals based on the Master Production

Forecasting can be a challenge, but the Aura software tools will make the job easier than
ever. Forecasts can be automatically created for individual parts and assemblies based
on current history using multiple methodologies. Forecast flexibility is built in at every
step of the process.

The problem

  • What are the raw materials needed and in what proportion to make a particular
    quantity of product?
  • What is the minimum order quantity for each raw material?
  • How much raw materials should be ordered for the production of products forecasted?
  • What adjustments must be done to maintain optimum stock level if forecasted
    production and actual production varies?
  • How can we understand the accuracy of raw material consumption?

Software will have interfaces to capture data with minimum effort which can also be
integrated with the existing financial system for capturing the required data.. The system
will have a centralised database and multiple users in a network to work simultaneously,
by entering or retrieving data, and maintain higher security for its users.

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