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Aura MAS is a software application that provides tools for analysis of actual, forecast and
budget for sales, shipment, etc using technical analysis, with the goal of helping its user
make better decisions in similar areas and help the management save time by
automating some tasks that would otherwise be done by hand.  

Aura MAS take care of you critical issues in forward stock planning with following features.

  1. 100% accuracy in order planning based on the forecasted sales, shipments, budgets,
    actual sales, etc. for all of your 100s of SKUs.
  2. Conversion of Primary SKU’s (your grouping of other SKUs) into secondary SKUs for
    forecasted stock planning.  
  3. Market analysis and IMS reports, with various comparisons.
  4. Integration of online Purchase Order Processing which reflects in forward stock
  5. Plus various other reports that can give you information for better decision making.  
  6. Facility to pull data from existing system which can minimize your data entry job.

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