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When it comes to tracking your company’s assets, Aura ATS provides all the functionality
you need including customizable reports, printing and scanning barcodes and more.

The Aura ATS allows an organisation to track and manage its assets, equipment, and
documents. Items are tracked using their Item Number or a unique Tag ID. Bar codes
are placed on items for the purposes of tracking, without having to match the internal
item number if desired.

The software package has several available host interface components. The required
host interface will depend on where you want to send the information.

By implementing the Aura ATS, organisations have been able to save at least 50% in the
costs of tracking whilst satisfying depreciation requirements easily and accurately, avoids
inaccurate, slow, and cumbersome tracking of items.

  1. Offers fast and simple tracking with flexibility and optional security mode lockdown.
  2. Virtually eliminates the labour required when updating data in host systems.
  3. Reduces errors associated with counting multiple items and recording information.
  4. Item information is instantly available to view, and includes the ability to perform
    simple queries.
  5. Tracks Assets, Plant Equipment, and Documents.
  6. Provides companies with a fully computerised tracking and management solution,
    avoiding the need for paper.
  7. Utilises bar coding technology with Portable Digital Assistant (PDA) style devices to
    provide a truly mobile, extremely efficient solution.
  8. Provides reporting on any data changed, new data and data unchanged during the
    tracking of items.
  9. Interfaces to countless host systems via its interfacing options, including SAP R/3,
    Oracle Financials, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and others.

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