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Aura AIMS is a total solution for a business that covers all the almost all accounting and
stock activities of a business situation. It supports multiple companies, multiple locations,
multiple counters and multiple currencies as well.

The packages maintains valuable information of Products, Suppliers, Customers,
Purchase Orders, , Sales Invoices, Purchase or Sales Returns, Stock Transfers and
Adjustments, Cash and Bank Receipts, Cash and Bank Payments, Journal Vouchers,
Credit Notes, Debit Notes, PDC Entries, Letter of Credit, etc.

It generates various reports like of Stock status, Customer Credit Status, Ledgers,
Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Cash and Bank Book, Trial Balance, PDC details.
The additional unique module you find in this package is Piecework module, which can be
even fit for the manufacturing activities of trading cum manufacturing organizations.
Because it supports manufacturing activity to a certain extend. It has a fully functioning
PDC module that covers all the hassles related to regular PDC issuing, receiving, bounced
checks, bank clearance, etc.

In the LC module you will have the complete details about transaction and related
information to reduce your hassles and give you ease and comfort.
If you don’t want separate user controls you can set their areas of operation from the
Menu Customization so that you will be more secure and comfortable with this package.
This package is fully parameterized so that you can go to Admin set up and make so
many changes. Built in query builder will help you search data in any level.
Since this package is fully developed Dubai, it has passed various stages of critical
business problems and activities in Dubai, and this package has been stabilized in
evolutionary stage ensuring extreme ease of use with a minimum learning curve.
As it has been developed in Dubai, any time support is available from the writers of the
package and customization in any level is possible to make your things easier.


Administration Module: Create companies and their hierarchy levels and select the
options in changeable business preference to formulate your business process.
Create users and define their roles and commission for sales person etc.

Management Module: This module is for senior management who can get the important
data related to the company with a few key strokes by the way of highly user-friendly
screens.   The company performance can be measured by extracting various reports
which are available in system, In few mode and if required, it can be printed for added

Stock: Manage your stock efficiently and effortlessly through Aura AIMS system.  Each
Inventory will be defined under a brand and systematically categorized and grouped for
flexible management and reports.  You can take out a report across the brand for a
group. You can process the Good Receipt Note, Delivery Note, Invoice, Internal Stock
Transfer, etc in the stock module.

Pre-Sales: Send quotation or Performa invoice to the captured enquiries. It also
fascinates to monitor the activities of the sales team of the company.

Sales: The Module is designed keeping the sales person in mind . It provides all the
information to the sales team in a very efficient way to process the uniform order.
The sales team can also monitor the sales performance of their own.  

Purchase: Here you can capture the purchase order request from the sales team or
generate your own enquiries, Float the enquiries to your supplier and compare the
quotes and generate the purchase order.

Projects: We  enhanced the typical job costing to a proper project module .From the
Budgeting phase to completion phase, you can execute number of project at ease by
capturing the cost of your own Inventory and Services and third party  purchase and
At any stage you will know the income generated by the projects.

Payroll: The module allows you to process the payroll and print the pay slips. Dummy
payroll can be processed before processing the actual payroll.

Accounts Receivable: Maintain your receivable and receive the payment in various
forms. Various form of adjustment are possible , you can adjust the receivable against
payable or adjust the receivable against third party’s payable without any complication.
Aura AIMS System allows invoicing in multi-currency, The net outstanding is maintained in
the local currency.

Accountants Payable: Similar to account receivable the account payable handles all your
payable, You can make your payment to your supplier through cheque or cash or in other
form of payment.

Budget: The budget information is captured at root level. For example, Each products
sales could be budgeted month wise.

Reports: Aura AIMS System is incorporated with Segate crystal report writer for most of
the commonly required reports per module.
Each module has several reports Screen related to the screens.

PDC:  Aura AIMS System is designed to handle both type of post dated cheque , PDC  
Receivable and PDC payable, In both cases the system will automatically keep informing
you that when your PDC cheques are going to be cleared.

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